Lydia Has More Fun
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    Lydia Has More FunLydia Has More Fun

    Lydia Has More Fun

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    Miss Lydia Bennet, an inspired tisane from Jane Austen's novel, Pride and Prejudice. A caffeine free tisane in our Jane Austen Tea Series® Teas.

     Flirtatious, flaky, over indulgent and without the usual substance of common sense. A trying age many may well wish to forget. Certainly, it can be entertaining at a tea party!

     On occasion, caffeine is is something we could do without. This blend of Rooibus tisane and flakes of coconut shreds and flavoring offers a decadent, dessert like combination is completely devoid of true tea. This means it is caffeine free for those concerned on that score. Sip as many cups as you like and trick your palate into believing you are indulging in custard fool. If you are suddenly overtaken by the notion to giggle and think on flirtations as you read and sip to a most favorite novel, no one here will judge you.

    Steep recommendation: 208-212 degrees for 4 minutes. Add cream if feeling extra extravagant, Lydia would!

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