Marianne's Wild Abandon
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    Marianne's Wild AbandonMarianne's Wild AbandonMarianne's Wild AbandonMarianne's Wild Abandon

    Marianne's Wild Abandon

    Product Description

    Marianne's Wild Abandon, our Jane Austen inspired tea in our Jane Austen Tea Series® line is an expressive addition to your daily tea!

    A blend of lively green and black teas with bright flower petals found from an obliging field and candied, passionate fruits; throw themselves together for an expressive combination! The taste in the cup is fruit forward with a touch of tartness.  *This has been the most popular tea at the Jane Austen Festival in KY each year, for four years running. 

    There is a special feeling when you find a favorite for your afternoon tea, "Is there any felicity in the world superior to this?"  

    This blend for Marianne is equally divine as an iced tea or to use in a base for punch. We have found St. Cecilia's Punch from 1840 works wonders using Marianne's Wild Abandon for the tea!

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