Pride and Prejudice Anniversary Notions Sampler
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    Pride and Prejudice Anniversary Notions SamplerPride and Prejudice Anniversary Notions Sampler

    Pride and Prejudice Anniversary Notions Sampler

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    The original Jane Austen inspired tea collection. After several requests, we offer a sampling of four characters from our Jane Austen Tea Series® line inspired by Austen's novel, Pride and Prejudice! * Please note that this now comes in a blue pouch with a book mark.

      Whether re-visiting a most favorite novel or watching the BBC series, the sampler will be with you as you steep a different potsanticipating favorite scenes. 

       It is our best seller to date as a gift item for friends to fellow Janietes!

    Included in each "Notions" box, is enough tea to make one pot or three cups of tea to discover characters through the leaf.

    Mr. Darcy's Pride is a medium oxidized oolong from Wuyi Mountains of China blended with a delightful estate black tea with an assertive, almost mineral beginning that opens up to chestnut and finishes with soft plum. The more short steeps of this tea you make, the more his character is revealed.

    Our protagonist, Lizzie Bennet's Wit, choosing black tea to represent a strong character, this tea gives its opinion in the cup rather decisively in part thanks to the cranberries found among the leaves. There is a also a natural sweetness in the finish which shows itself more or less depending on whether you take cream in your tea.

    Sweet Jane Bennet with her angelic sweetness is presented with both green for naivite' and black tea for her strength in family matters. Natural vanilla flavoring lends a creaminess to the jasmine scented green tea. Ideal for dessert or cream scone afternoon tea. Longbourn Wedding: An excellent match made all the better with true love deserves a celebration! Delicate as wedding lace white tea, champagne flavor and romantic roses dress this tea for the occasion.  Steeped at a lower temperature, a slight berry nuance comes forward. 


    Discover your favorite character tea or share with the Austen fan in your life!

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